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Percy and Edith are in the center with their son Kenneth and his family on the left and son Donald on the right

(post updated 14 May 2010 to include photo)

Percy BROADHURST was born on 22 January 1895 in Heywood, Lancashire, England. Percy was the tenth child of Richard Broadhurst and Sarah Ann JONES. On 20 December 1920, Percy married Edith Annie SHARROCK, born on 22 October 1899. (BRADBURY was her mother’s name later in life, it’s not confirmed if that was Edith’s maiden name). [REVISED 9/12/2019 – CORRECTED MAIDEN NAME FROM BRADBURY TO SHARROCK]

Percy and Edith Annie had two children:

  1. Kenneth (b 1923, d 19 May 1977, Ogdensburg, NY)
  2. Donald G. (b 15 August 1935, Utica, NY; d 01 February 2009, Port Orange, FL)

1901 England Census. Five year old Percy lived in the family’s Peel Street home. Two of his older sisters had married and moved out by this time. Fannie CROSSLEY nee Broadhurst and Sarah WOODWARD nee Broadhurst both lived in Haslingden, Lancashire.

To America – 1913. When Percy was 18 years old he sailed without other family members aboard the S.S. Adriatic from Liverpool on 10 April arriving in New York, NY 19 April 1913. He was headed to Lowell, Massachusetts where his sister, Frances M CROSSLEY nee Broadhurst lived at the time. The address looks like 5 West Tenth St but it is slightly illegible. He lists his mother, Sarah BROADHURST as his nearest living relative in England and her address at the time was Castle Street, Blackburn (house number is perhaps 10 or 19).

Back to England – 1914/5. In Percy’s WWI service record, he indicates in a letter that he returned with his brother (unnamed) to England for a holiday arriving Liverpool aboard the S.S. Bohemian on 25 December 1914 and ended up enlisting. At this date, I’ve found no record of the Bohemian in Liverpool at that date. Perhaps he joined brothers John Richard and Peter Ernest BROADHURST on their Bohemian voyage in 1915.

World War I. Percy BROADHURST, now living at 2 Plymouth Street, Blackburn, joins the Royal Regiment of Artillery on 03 November 1915. His mother is listed as next of kin and her address given as 36 Smithy St, Blackburn. He gives his occupation as “clerk.” Three days later he reported to Fort Brockhurst in Gosport, England. Percy was discharged 27 November 1918. He saw active service on three occasions and was discharged due to having been “gassed” thereby “unfit for further service.” He was in regiment 6274 and his rank was “Gunner” in the Royal Garrison Artillery at the time of his discharge. In 1920 he lists his address as 26 Fir Street, Patricroft. His records are part of the “First World War Burnt Documents” collection

Back to America – 1924. This time Percy BROADHURST was married to Edith Annie SHARROCK and had their one son, 5-year old Kenneth with them on the voyage. The family arrived in New York, again, for Percy, on the S.S. Adriatic, on 22 September, 1924 from Liverpool. Percy, now 28, is listed as an Electrical Engineer on the ship’s manifest and the family was headed to New York Mills, Utica, New York. The manifest indicates they were going to his mother’s house, Sarah Ann Broadhurst, at 343 Maine (probably 543 Main) Street.

1930 US Census. Six years later the family rented 328 North Genesee St, Utica, NY for $25 a month. Percy was a “Supervisor Heat” for the Utica Gas and Electric Company. He worked for Niagara Mohawk Power Company for 36 years and was a superintendent at the time he left the company.

The Queen Mary – 1948. Percy (52), Edith (48) and 11-year old son Donald G. BROADHURST (b.1937) were aboard The Queen Mary. They left from Southampton on 25 August 1948 and arrived in New York on 30 August 1948. They were in “tourist” class.  Their address is given as 2-1/2 Westmorland Street, Whitesboro, NY

Move to Florida. Sometime around 1971 Percy and Edith Annie moved to Florida.

The deaths of Percy and Edith Annie. Percy died Sunday, 25 January, 1976 in Port Orange, Florida three days after his birthday at the age of 81. He passed away in Halifax Hospital in Daytona Beach. Percy and Edith lived in Utica (to include Whitesboro) for 48 years. A former member of the Faxton Masonic Lodge, Utica, a Masonic service was conducted for Percy. He is buried in Daytona Beach, FL. His younger brother, William BROADHURST, died the following day in St. Petersburg Beach, FL.

At this time, Edith Annie‘s death is only known through the Social Security Death Index; she died in July, 1986, also in Port Orange Florida.

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