Once upon a time this website was BroadhurstFamilies.com, later BroadhurstFamilies.WordPress.com and now it’s relaunched as MyFamilyStories.com.

On my father’s side, I am a descendant of families from Cheshire and Lancashire, England. But the English Broadhursts are just one branch of my family tree. Each of us have one set of biological parents, two sets of grandparents and four sets of great grandparents; my four are Broadhurst, Schletter, Aspin and Schwarz. My German and Norwegian families are out there too with their own family histories to learn and share.

My father died early in life and with him so many of our family stories died too. Family history was not talked about much after that and well, life does go on. That is why I initially created this blog. I know many family members are unaware of other “cousins” out there in the world. Filling in the family history blanks is easier than ever today and with your help maybe we can fill in more and add to our family histories.

Warm Regards,
Richard Broadhurst
rmbfll at aol dot com

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