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A Gaggle of Our Families: Broadhurst, Howarth, Locke and Wittenbeck

post updated 06 June 09

Karen Locke provided this great picture of various BROADHURST FAMILIES taken in the 1950’s. Karen is the child in the forefront of the photo. Thank you, Karen!



  1. Karen Sue Locke Fehr, granddaughter of Nellie Broadhurst (#6) and William T. (#4) daughter of May (#11)
  2. William Arthur “Bill” Broadhurst (1897-1976), the youngest of the eleven siblings of Richard and Sarah Ann Broadhurst, died the day after his brother Percy (#15) husband of Emily (#3)
  3. Emily Read Broadhurst (1898-1995), wife of Bill (#2)
  4. William Thomas Howarth (1890-1957), Grandfather of Karen (#1) and husband of Nellie (#6)
  5. Violet Broadhurst (1893-1982), youngest daughter of the eleven siblings of Richard and Sarah Ann
  6. Nellie Broadhurst ( 1891-1967), wife of William T Howarth (#4) and Grandmother of Karen (#1)
  7. Eva Broadhurst (d 1970), daughter of John Richard “Jack” Broadhurst (#12) and Edith Mary “Edie” Broadhurst (#8) wife of Lee (#16)
  8. Edith Mary “Edie” Bailey Broadhurst (1887-1966), wife of John Richard “Jack” Broadhurst (#12)
  9. Ruth Phillips Broadhurst, wife of Lawrence Broadhurst (#10)
  10. Lawrence Broadhurst (1923-1991), husband of Ruth (#9) and son of Bill (#2) and Emily (#3)
  11. May Howarth Locke (1914-1980), mother of Karen (#1) and wife of the Norman A. Locke, the photographer
  12. John Richard “Jack” Broadhurst (1884-1962), eldest son of the eleven siblings of Richard and Sarah Ann Broadhurst, husband of Edith (#8)
  13. Donald G. Broadhurst (1935-2009), son of Percy (#15) and Annie (#14)
  14. Edith Annie SHARROCK Broadhurst (1899-1996), wife of Percy (#15) mother of Donald G. (#13)
  15. Percy Broadhurst (1895-1976), the younger brother of Bill (#2) husband of Annie (#14) died the day before Bill
  16. Leland “Lee” Francis Wittenbeck, husband of Eva (#7)

Click on the picture to see a larger version of the photo. Remember, all photos are welcome and I’ll post them on the site for all of us to enjoy!

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