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Two Mystery Sisters – Jane Ann and Mary BROADHURST

Jane Ann BROADHURST. Jane Ann was born in 1879 in Wilmslow, Cheshire, England. She is the second child of eleven born to Richard and Sarah Ann BROADHURST. She appears in the 1891 and 1901 England censuses and in 1901 is a ring spinner in a cotton mill. Perhaps after the census in 1901 she married Fred HOWARTH in St. Leonard in Padiham, Lancashire; a community not far from her documented home. She would have been about 22 years old. This marriage is online at the Lancashire BMD website. It’s also not terribly unusually for siblings to marry another family sibling. In this case, Jane Ann’s younger sister, Nellie, married a William Thomas HOWARTH in 1912. As of yet, no other records have been found.

She may have died sometime before 1951 as she is not listed in the obituaries of her other siblings; the earliest available one is that of her brother Peter Ernest in 1951.

Mary BROADHURST. “May” was born in 1888 in Leigh, Lancashire, England. She is the sixth of eleven children born to Richard and Sarah Ann BROADHURST. She married Ralph BRADSHAW at St. Peter in Blackburn in 1911. She appears in the 1891, 1901 and 1911 England censuses. By 1911 she is married, 22 years old and living with her husband, Ralph (22) at 2 Gregson Lane, Blackburn. She is a cotton mill ring spinner and Ralph is a “Bass Dresser.” Ralph writes that they have been married under one year and that both of their places of birth are “not know”. The next evidence of May is when she visits her younger sister, Nellie HOWARTH nee Broadhurst in 1947. On her first trip to America, she takes the S.S. Marine Tiger out of Southampton on 02 August 1947 and arrives in New York on August 11th. Her home address, and that of her husband Jack (maybe Ralph is a middle name) BRADSHAW, is given as 17 Victoria Ave, Cherry Tree, Blackburn. Today that address is in Feniscowles, Blackburn. She’s a 59 year old housewife that’s 5′-5″ tall and has brown hair and blue eyes with a mole on her arm. Nellie lived at 1661 Wesley Ave in Utica.

She may have died sometime before 1976 as she is noted in the obituaries of her other siblings but not that of the 1976 death of her brother Percy.

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