family history

William Arthur BROADHURST and Emily READ

William Arthur BROADHURST was the last of eleven children of Richard BROADHURST and Sarah Ann JONES. He was born 15 April 1897 in Blackburn, Lancashire. He married Emily READ in 1920 at St. Andrew in Blackburn. They had one child:

  1. Lawrence (b 27 Jul 1923, d  24 Jan 1991)

1901 Census. William, “Willie” as he was referred to was in the family home at 1 Peel Street in Heywood, Lancashire. At home with Willie were his mother and father and eight of his siblings.

World War I. Nineteen year old, 5′ – 2-1/2″ tall, William Arthur joined the British Navy on 03 Oct 1916 and served to the end of “hostilities.” From his enrollment until 28 November 1916 he was aboard the HMS Vivid which served as the navy barracks at Devonport, the Royal Navy base in Plymouth. From 29 November 1916 until 04 July 1919 he was assigned to the HMS Sandhurst. The Sandhurst served throughout WWI first as a dummy HMS Indomitable, then as a Fleet repair ship. His occupation at the time of enlistment was “oiler, cotton mill” and by 1919 he was listed as “machine man.”

To America – 1923. The 1930 US Census notes “1923” as the year of immigration for William and Emily. At this time no ship manifests or other material has been located.

1930 US Census. At the time of the census, 15 April, William Arthur (32), his wife Emily (30) and their son Lawrence BROADHURST (6) lived with William’s older sister’s family;  William and Violet (his sister) and their daughter Evelyn DAVIS at 462 Main Street, Whitestown, NY. William Broadhurst at this time is listed as a laborer at the gas and electric company. Eventually, William retired as a supervisor for the Niagara – Mohawk Power Company.

To America – 1930. Emily (31) and Lawrence BROADHURST (7) board the S.S. Scythia in Liverpool on23 August 1930 and arrive into Boston on August 31st. She lists her address as 511 Main Street, New York Mills, NY. She became a naturalized US citizen on 11 June 1930 in Utica.

Florida Migration. By 1966 William and Emily moved to Palm Beach, Florida and then about three and half years later moved again, this time to St. Petersburg, Florida.

The deaths of William and Emily. At 78, William Arthur BROADHURST died on Monday, 26 January 1976, the day after his older brother, Percy BROADHURST. He passed away in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Emily Broadhurst READ likely died in April 1995 in St. Petersburg; she would have been 96 years old. The only information found at this time is from the Social Security Death Index.

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