A 2010 Broadhurst Families Reunion in Alexandria Bay, New York

Thirty relative strangers shared a wonderful weekend together this June. Cousins mostly as we’re all related by virtue of sharing a connection to one of the eleven children of Richard and Sarah Ann Jones Broadhurst. Thanks go to the families of Harold Broadhurst and his sister Shirley Smaka for hosting a cocktail party and then arranging a dinner for us at Foxy’s near Alexandria Bay. The next day Gary and Kathy Snow hosted us at their riverfront home in Alexandria Bay, a place many knew as The Adams Greentop Cabins from childhood. Gary’s grandparents owned the property originally and it held wonderful memories for many of the cousins.

click photo for a larger image

Okay, try to follow along! Generally from left to right moving up and down as needed, we have: Susan Broadhurst, Scott Broadhurst, Ruth Broadhurst, Greg Broadhurst (red shirt), Chris Whitman behind Greg, Harold Broadhurst behind Chris, Kay Schwartz in front of Greg, Candy Baker Broadhurst behind Kay, Dick Broadhurst (me) behind my wife Candy, Jenna Marie Frisolone, her grandparents Al and Sandy (sunglasses) behind her, Shirley Smaka (in front with notebook), Richard Smaka, Mary Snow, Carol Murdock, Gary Snow (with cap), Beverly Frisolone behind Gary, Karen Fehr, Bill Hoke, Jess Fehr, Sue Hoke, Bob Murdock behind Sue and Kathy Snow. Got that? Not pictured are Steve Whitman and Barry Schwartz who were both busy taking pictures for the rest of us. Also, the night before at Foxy’s we were joined by Karen Broadhurst as well as Terry and Kirstin Underwood. In the photo below we’re standing in front one of the original cabins.

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  1. Hi
    My husband is the great grandson of number 2 daughter, Jane Ann Broadhurst 1879, who married Fred Howarth. Fred gave his granddaughter away at her wedding. She was Freda Howarth who married John Bronnert. Both still alive in Flixton, Manchester.
    So, My husband – Andrew Bronnert – Freda Howarth – Alfred Howarth – Fred and Jane Ann Howarth.
    Freda is the image of two of the ladies on another photo on the website. We also have the US wedding photos.

  2. Hi Ann, sorry for the delayed response! Thanks for finding my site here and reaching out. Jane Ann Broadhurst is one of the more mysterious siblings of her family. I knew of her husband Fred Howarth but not much more and only recently learning of their children, Alfred, Fred, and Sarah. I found a tree on Ancestry.com from Chris Tierney on which he posted a picture of Fred Howarth at the wedding of his daughter Sarah to Alfred Wright in 1965. I’d love to see some family photos if you care to share them. Please feel free to reach here or email at rmbfll@aol.com. Thanks for sharing some family history.

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