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The John and Frances Broadhurst Home c1842 Tithe Maps

An excellent resource for finding where our ancestors lived “once upon a time” is this website: e-mapping Victorian Cheshire: Cheshire’s Tithe Maps Online.

In 1842 John and Frances BROADHURST lived in Hale, Cheshire. John and Frances were my 2nd Great Grandparents.  Their house was situated about where the asterisk is shown below and all the land rented by John Broadhurst, at the time of the mapping, is shown in yellow on the left map. A modern day map is shown on the right and all the land around the asterisk is the Manchester International Airport.  Old structures remain at this location but at this time I do not know if any 1842 structures remain.

Click on the map for a larger view…

Tithe Maps John Broadhurst Hale

The lands were leased from the owner, John Mason, Earl of Stamford.


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  1. My Broadhurst ancestor Samuel b 1753 married Ann Sumner
    and had several children born in the late 1700’s. Their children , born a few years later than your John Broadhurst in 1812, also lived and worked at Styl Mill near Wilmslow….suggests may have been cousins?

    Do you know anything about Samuel or his siblings?

    • Aloha Helen,
      Thank you for stopping by I don’t have any information about your Samuel Broadhurst or siblings but perhaps something will surface with our further research.

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