A Family Photo Album – Peter Ernest and Elizabeth Aspin Broadhurst

Aloha cousins,

My wife and I visited my cousin Kay Salkind Schwartz and her husband Barry in late September. Kay and I are grandchildren of Peter and Elizabeth. Their daughter Amy is her mother, son Ernest is my father. I hadn’t seen Kay in at least 40-something years. Maybe 50-ish, but who’s counting. She has a treasure trove of Broadhurst Families photos. Thank you, Kay! I’ve posted a first batch in the “PHOTOS” section: The Peter Ernest and Elizabeth Broadhurst Family. Go have a look. [A NOTE ABOUT THE PHOTO VIEWER: Hover your mouse over the picture to activate various controls. You can stop the slideshow, speed it up, turn the captions on or off, etc.]

And you can read about the family here.

Cousins Dick Broadhurst and Kay Schwartz

Cousins Dick Broadhurst and Kay Salkind Schwartz

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