Buffalo Brothers-In-Law: or Violet Broadhurst marries James Hughes

crossley_hughes_picsFrank A. Crossley and James E. Hughes were active Buffaloes in the Lowell Herd No 10 of the Benevolent Order of Buffaloes back in the early 1900s. Violet Broadhurst was Frank’s wife’s youngest sister and in 1917 she became Mrs. James E. Hughes …

broadhursthughesweddingannoucementThe marriage didn’t last as I note in my posting about her family …

1930 US Census. By now, Violet (36) is Mrs. William DAVIS (he is 42) living in Whitestown, Oneida County, NY. They rented their place at 462 Main Street for $26 a month. Along with 12 year old daughter Evelyn Davis, Violet’s younger brother and his family live with them. William BROADHURST (32), his wife Emily BROADHURST (30) and their son Lawrence BROADHURST (6) share the household. Both Williams work at the gas and electric company, Davis as a machinist and Broadhurst as a laborer.  Violet is a “finisher” in a cotton mill. It appears that William DAVIS had been married before as it’s reported that he was 25 years old at his first marriage. Violet is reported at 24 at her first marriage.

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