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A Broadhurst, Adams, Hoke, Howarth Gathering

Another great photo thanks to Karen Fehr! Click it to see a larger version and check below to see who’s who, or at least who we know is who.


The lady with the question mark is unkown. She could be one of the three oldest Broadhurst “Eleven” siblings, perhaps “Fannie”, “Annie” or Sarah. It is not the great grandmother, Sarah as she died in the 1920s and this is a 50s vintage gathering. Does anyone know her? It appears she’s wearing a wedding band. A larger photo of her is just below.

To her left are Emily Read Broadhurst and her husband William “Bill” Broadhurst. The person behind Bill and to the right of the photo is William T. Howarth.

The lady in the middle marked, “Nellie” is Nellie Broadhurst Howarth, one of “The Eleven”.

To her right, the boy is Bill Hoke standing in front of his mother Jessie Adams Hoke and his grandmother Gertrude Broadhurst Adams, another of “The Eleven”.

Behind Gertrude is Art Adams, likely her son Art and not her husband Arthur.

Jessie Hoke’s husband, Clarence Hoke is on the far left side of the photo.

Everyone eslse is unkown. Let me know if you have any clues!


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