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John Broadhurst, the son of William and Mary Broadhurst, was born in Chelford, Cheshire in 1812. He was born Monday 27 January and christened on Sunday 23 February. Sometime before 1839 he moved about 8 miles northeast to the village of Bramhall where he farmed (according to his marriage certificate). On 10 August 1839, when he was 27 years old, John married a Bramhall farmer’s 29 year old daughter,Frances Adshead (b abt 1810, Bramhall), at St. Mary’s Parish church in Stockport 3.5 miles north. A witness to their marriage was Edward Broadhurst, perhaps his brother. John and Frances had five known children:

  1. Elisha (abt 1840, Dean Row)
  2. William, (abt1841, Hale)
  3. Sarah (abt 1844, Hale)
  4. Peter (abt 1849, Hale)
  5. Richard (abt 1855, Hale, married Sarah Ann JONES)

1841 England Census. On 06 June 1841, the night of the census, John Broadhurst and family lived in Etrop Green. The farm still stands today and is called Haletop Farm. Most of Etrop Green is gone as it’s buried under Terminal 2 of Manchester Airport. In the household that night wereJohn (25), his wife Frances (20), 18 month old “Elizah” (Elisha) and their 7 (or 9?) month old son William. Also living in the household wereJames (30) and Mary Adshead (20). James and Mary may have been Frances’ siblings or perhaps one in-law and one sibling. The reported ages are only approximate as a person’s age was rounded down to the nearest 5 for this census. John’s occupation is listed as a farmer. The civil parish at census time is Bowden, the registration (and sub registration) district is Altrincham and the township is Hale.

1842 Tithe Maps. Haletop Farm and the land that the family occupied and worked at this time is indicated on Tithe Maps.

1851 England Census. Sometime before the night of 30 March 1851, John moved his family just a little south into Castle Hill Farm. The farm house still stands along with at least one barn. Today however, the property is used as an airport car park. John was the tenant farmer and over at least the next thirty years he farmed up to 61 acres with his sons. During this reporting period the household included John (39), Frances (38),Elisha (11), William (9), Sarah (7) and Peter (2). John farmed thirty acres of land. The civil parish at census time is Hale, the registration district is Altrincham, the sub registration district is Wilmslow and the township is Hale.

1861 England Census. The family has one new member since the last census, six year old Richard BROADHURST. In addition to Richard, the household lists John (46), Frances (48), Elisha (21), William (19), Sarah (17) and Peter (12). John now farms with his two sons Elisha and William at Castle Hill. The ecclesiastical parish is Bowdon St. Mary, the civil parish and township is Hale, the registration and sub registration district is Altrincham.

1871 England Census. By 1871 only sons Peter (22) and Richard (16) remained at home at Castle Hill with John (57) and Frances (57). The farm was now 61 acres and the two sons worked alongside their father. The ecclesiastical parish is now Ringway.

1881 England Census. John BROADHURST (69) retired sometime before April 1881 and he and Frances (70) were with their youngest son,Richard BROADHURST (26), at 68 Manor Road in Altrincham, Lancashire at the time of the census.

Before 1885. John and Frances moved again this time back to Cheshire to Pownall Fee. Their eldest son, Elisha was raising a large family in the hamlet of Styal in Pownall Fee parish in Wilmslow at this time. Also, Joseph and Margaret Broadhurst lived in Lindow, an area of Pownall Fee. Joseph was John’s younger brother.

John and Francis Deaths. Frances Adshead BROADHURST died on Sunday 05 May 1885, at the age of 75 at Pownall Fee from certified “senile decay,” a euphemism for “old age.” At the time of her death, Frances was attended by Sarah Ann Broadhurst, her daughter-in-law.  The death certificates indicates ” “Newgate Morley Pownall Fee Lindow” as the place of death. She was buried 09 May 1885.

The following year, according to his death certificate, John BROADHURST died in Lindow, Pownall Fee, at 74 on Saturday 15 February 1886 from“a shock to the system through putting his shoulder out of joint by falling down stairs on the 2nd incident.” The Cheshire Corner held an inquest two days after his death and presumably ruled it an accident. He was buried on 19 February 1886. John died about four miles from where he was born.

Both John and Frances are buried at St. Bartholomew, the parish church of Wilmslow. John’s specific gravesite location is unknown at this time. Frances’ tombstone reads; “In loving memory of Ann Bridge, who died April 8th, 1873, aged 78 years. Frances Broadhurst, who died May 1st, 1885, aged 75 years S.B. 1872.” Ann BRIDGE is an unknown person at this time.

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  1. I am looking to see if there is a connection to my 2nd GGFather from Stockport who I found out has a Middle name of Broadhurst – Full Name is: Joseph “Broadhurst” Roylance He Married: Sarah Grimshaw in Manchester Cathedral July 27, 1845, Father was Peter Roylance and Ellen Lee was his Mother, He Immigrated in 1864 to the USA and Settled in Cohoes Albany County NY. No one else has had a Middle Name until they came to America.. So I am assuming it could be from a friend of the Family, not necessarily from a family member. Does anyone know of my Family in Stockport? If so Please Contact me as soon as you can.. I’d love to hear from you.. Oh: John and Charles Radcliffe were their witness’s to the Marriage.. and Joseph and Sarah resided in Droylsden at the time of their Marriage, but resided in Stockport afterward..

    Thanks for any help you may be to me
    Cathy Roylance

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