The Ritter Mill Composite Photo

click on the photo to enlarge, then click again … Klicke auf die Bilder unten für eine größere Ansicht …

Any ideas about this place … let me know at “rmbfll at aol dot com” or in the comment section below.

Irgendwelche Ideen über diesen Ort … lass es mich wissen zu “rmbfll bei AOL Punkt com” oder in den Kommentaren unten.

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  1. Yet another idea… I just strolled through the internet and found two “Ritter” in attached to a socalled “Lindenmühle vor dem Johannistor”. So far I could not find a trace of that specific mill, however there still are places at Erfurt named after the former Johannes- or Johannistor…

    I could not find anything related to that mill so far but thinking of that mill being “vor dem Tor” = being situated not within the city’s boundaries but outside makes it possible that the one shown on the cup might be the Lindenmühle as there are no other buildings shown on the painting… The Heiligen Mühle must have been surrounded by other houses at that time and there would have been a bridge or at least some trace of the water powering the wheels on the left or right hand side.

    Kind regards again and “Glück zu!”

    • Florian,

      Thank you very much for your comments and suggestions. I will be tracking down the leads that you suggest. Yeah, curtains on a mill does throw the whole thing into question. Perhaps that center building was the mill as you noted. Would it have been typical of the time to have a house constructed adjoining or adjacent to an operating mill? And the little girl playing in the foreground makes it seems more residential than a place of work, too. Again, thank you for your insight and expertise.

  2. Dear Ritter Family,

    here is Steffen from Erfurt. I believe that I found what you are searching for. It is the Heiligen Mühle in Erfurt-Nord. I have a photo with the same perspective view. Aditional I want say that the pins at “Where exactly are the Ritter mills?” not quite correctly.
    If you want you can contact me.

    This is a very interesting site. Well done!

    Best greatings from Erfurt

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