1940 US Census – EVERS and SCHWARZ (Schletter and Ritter)

Evers and Schwarz 1940 Census

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 29 Clover Ave, Floral Park, NY 11001

Peter EVERS (55) reported to the Census Enumerator that on April 1, 1940 he owned his house located in the incorporated place of Floral Park within the Town of Hempstead. It was valued at $6,500. Interestingly, Peter is recorded as 58 years old in the 1930 Census. That census did not record the person providing the family information. At that time Peter and Dorothy lived in Jamaica Queens. In the 1940 household along with his wife Dorothy (Schletter, 33) was her Maternal Grandmother Doris (Ritter) SCHWARZ (74). Peter’s highest grade of school completed was 4 years of High School as was Dorothy’s. Doris made it through the eighth grade.

Peter and Dorothy were born in the state of New York. Doris was born in Norway. It is recorded that on April 1, 1935 Peter lived in Albany, NY and Dorothy lived in Brooklyn. On that day in 1935, Doris is reported to have lived on a farm in “Christana”, Norway. Christiania, Norway is Oslo.

Peter worked 44 hours the week of March 24 – 30, 1940 as a “Printed Cards” salesman. He worked 34 weeks in 1939 and earned $1,800.

One in twenty persons listed in each 1940 Census were required to supply supplemental information. Luckily, Doris was one in twenty. From this additional information we learn that her Father was born in Norway and her Mother in Germany. She spoke Norwegian in her earliest childhood. Doris was widowed, married only once, got married at 19 and had 2 children. Her usual occupation was “Home” and she did not have a Social Security number.

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Take a look at the census lines 27 – 29 in the image attached.  There is also supplemental information about Doris on the very last line of the page.

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