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Who is THIS James Broadhurst?

Does anyone have a James Broadhurst relative? I found two reference to him associated with other BRODHURST FAMILIES members.

Perhaps he’s a bowling buffalo cousin of yours? First, I’ve found a “J. Broadhurst” in a 1919 newspaper article about the “Bowlers of the Benevolent Order of Buffaloes” league and J. Broadhurst rolled a 237. Another bowling buffalo listed is  J. Hughes; maybe this James Hughes.

Then I found, a James Broadhurst was on the 1907 Empress of Ireland Atlantic crossing that Woodwards and Crossleys were on. As I wrote in the Sarah BROADHURST and James WOODWARD posting …

To America – 1907. Sarah’s husband John J. WOODWARD is aboard the  which arrived into New Brunswick, Canada on 16 February 1907 in from Liverpool. Also on board were Frank CROSSLEY (31) and Violet CROSSLEY (likely Violet BROADHURST, 11) I don’t find Sarah listed on board but many of the pages of this manifest are illegible. Also on the manifest near John is James BROADHURST, he is an unknown Broadhurst at this time. Both John and James are headed to “Valleyfield.” There is a Valleyfield in Newfoundland.

Does anyone know who this James Broadhurst might be?

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