family history

Together at Niagara Mohawk Power

These family men all worked at the  predecessor companies that became Niagara Mohawk Power ….


1930 US Census. Six years later the family rented 328 North Genesee St, Utica, NY for $25 a month. Percy was a “Supervisor Heat” for the Utica Gas and Electric Company. He worked for Niagara Mohawk Power Company for 36 years and was a superintendent at the time he left the company.


A career with the power company. In about 1926 Peter Ernest began a 25 year career with the Utica power company that ended with his death in 1951 when he was a superintendent at the Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation’s coke plant. 1930 US Census. The family has now moved to 1411 Burrstone Road, Utica, NY. They rented the residence for $30 a month. Peter Ernest was now a “producer man” for the gas and electric company. Elizabeth was a “cutter” at a velvet mill, Amy was a “spinner” and Ernest was a “band-boy” in a cotton mill. New to the household was Elizabeth’s last son, Robert T. BROADHURST, born in 1925, fourteen years after Ernest.

William Arthur BROADHURST

1930 US Census. At the time of the census, 15 April, William Arthur (32), his wife Emily (30) and their son Lawrence BROADHURST (6) lived with William’s older sister’s family;  William and Violet (his sister) and their daughter Evelyn DAVIS at 462 Main Street, Whitestown, NY. William Broadhurst at this time is listed as a laborer at the gas and electric company. Eventually, William retired as a supervisor for the Niagara – Mohawk Power Company.

William DAVIS

1930 US Census. By now, Violet (36) is Mrs. William DAVIS (he is 42) living in Whitestown, Oneida County, NY. They rented their place at 462 Main Street for $26 a month. Along with 12 year old daughter Evelyn Davis, Violet’s younger brother and his family live with them. William BROADHURST (32), his wife Emily BROADHURST (30) and their son Lawrence BROADHURST (6) share the household. Both Williams work at the gas and electric company, Davis as a machinist and Broadhurst as a laborer. Violet is a “finisher” in a cotton mill. It appears that William DAVIS had been married before as it’s reported that he was 25 years old at his first marriage. Violet is reported at 24 at her first marriage.

William Thomas HOWARTH

On to New York Mills – 1923. The family moved to New York Mills, NY in 1923 and William Thomas began a 28 year career in the gas department of the predecessors of the Niagara – Mohawk Power Company. 1930 US Census. 431 Aiken Street in Utica was home to Nellie (39), William (40) and May HOWORTH (16). The home was rented for $25 a month. Nellie was a cleaner in a cotton mill and William worked for the gas and electric company.

A capsule company description from Yahoo Finance …

Niagara Mohawk Power (which does business as National Grid) distributes electricity to approximately 1.5 million customers and natural gas to 571,000 customers in upstate New York. The company owns and operates 53,000 pole miles of power transmission and distribution lines; wholesale activities on its transmission grid are managed by the New York ISO. Niagara Mohawk Power is a provider of last resort for customers who do not choose an alternative supplier in New York’s deregulated power market. The utility’s gas distribution system consists of 8,100 miles of lines and mains. Niagara Mohawk Power is a subsidiary of National Grid USA, a unit of UK-based National Grid.

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