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John Richard BROADHURST and Edith Mary BAYLEY

John Richard BROADHURST was the eldest son of Richard Broadhurst and Sarah Ann JONES and was born on 28 March 1884 in Leigh, England. He was baptized on 17 March 1885 in Newchurch, Lancashire. Richard lived with his parents until at least 1901.

In 1906 at about 22 years old he married 19 year old Edith Mary BAYLEY (abt 1887, Pendleton, Lancashire) in St Paul, Clitheroe, Lancashire. John Richard and Edith Mary had 3 children:

  1. Harold (b 06 Feb 1908, Newton Heath, Manchester, d 30 Nov 1944 New York Mills, NY, married Emily COLLINS)
  2. John George (b 03 Aug 1910, d 20 Nov 1923, Lowell, MA)
  3. Eva (b 01 July [April?] 1914, Lowell, MA, d 17 Jan 1970, Rochester, NY)

To America – 1910. While the earliest indication of John Richard and Edith Mary visit to the United States is 1908 (1910 US Census, S.S. Canada manifest, S.S. Megantic manifest states: 2 yrs to Oct 1910″) the earliest recorded trip found thus far is aboard the S.S. Canada sailing from Liverpool, England on 03 March 1910 and arriving 10 days later in Portland, Maine on 12 March 1910 with infant son Harold. Along with them were John Richard’s younger sister Gertrude ADAMS (nee Broadhurst) and her daughter Jessie ADAMS. According to the ship manifest the group was headed to their sister Sarah WOODWARD’s (nee Broadhurst) house at 30 Payne St, Dover, New Hampshire. John Richard’s occupation is noted as “warehouseman.”

1910 US Census. By the time of the census, John Richard, Edith Mary and Harold lived at the residence of James WOODWARD, his wife Sarah and their two children, Sarah A. and Francis along with the Woodward’s 53 year old Irish servant, Margaret Scanlon. The residence was in Dover, New Hampshire at 130 Payne Street, now Henry Law Avenue. John’s occupation is listed as “Street Car, Meter Man.” James Woodward works as a laborer in a cotton mill and Sarah is a cotton mill “Carder.” After the census polling Edith Mary has her second child, John George.

1911 England Census. The family returned to England and at the time of the 1911 Census lived with Edith Mary’s father, George BAYLEY, a widower “domestic gardener.” Also in the household were two Bayley sons, George Frederick and William and their sister, Lonah.  The address was 37 Miriam Street, Failsworth, Newton Heath, Manchester.

Back to America -1912. A return trip for John Richard, Edith Mary, Harold and for the first time infant son John George is recorded on the S.S. Megantic from Liverpool. Leaving on 06 February, 1912 they arrived in Boston on Valentine’s Day. John Richard’s nearest living relative in England is noted as his mother, Sarah Ann BROADHURST living at 8 Gregsan (sp?) Lane, Newton Heath and Edith’s as her father George BALEY residing at the Miriam Street address as noted above. Their destination is Lowell, MA the residence of Mrs. Crossley (his sister “Fanny”) and brother, at 18 Second St., Lowell, MA. Also on board the Megantic is John Richard’s younger sister, Gertrude ADAMS nee Broadhurst with her children Jessie and Arthur.

Lowell City Directory – 1913. John BROADHURST is listed as a “driver” and his address is 5 Raymond Place.

Back to America – 1915. John Richard returns again to America in 1915 on the S.S. Bohemian, this time with his younger brother, Peter Ernest BROADHURST. The pair leaves Liverpool on New Year’s Eve, 31 December, 1914 and arrive Boston 14 January, 1915. No next of kin is listed for either brother but their destination is Lowell, MA. John Richard to 6 Hampshire Place and Peter Ernest to 4 Hampshire Place. John Richard remained in the US until 1916 (S.S. Tunisian manifest).

Lowell City Directory – 1915. John BROADHURST is listed as a furniture mover and his address is “17 W Third” and home address is 6 Hampshire Place.

Lowell City Directory – 1916. John BROADHURST is listed as a furniture mover and his address is 6 Hampshire Place.

Return to England. – 1916. Edith (“wife”) with her three children in tow, Harold, John George and Eva, returns to Liverpool on 06 September 1916 aboard Cunard’s Saxonia in from New York, NY. She list’s her address as the Miriam Street, Newton Heath residence as noted above.

World War I. On 18 November 1916, at the age of about 32, the 5′-8″ tall John Richard enlisted in the British Army. At the time the family lived at 16 Florence Street, Winton, Manchester. He listed his occupation as “Chauffer, Motor Driver.” John Richard was discharged 15 October 1917 as “no longer physical fit for War Service. Epilepsy”.

Back to America – 1919. Again from Liverpool, this time with four year old Eva, the family boarded the S.S. Tunisian on May 31st and arrived in Quebec, Canada on June 10th. This time they were going to Fanny and Frank CROSSLEY’s residence at 506 E. Merrimach (sp?) Street, Lowell, MA. John Richard’s occupation is listed as “Motor Car Driver.”

1920 US Census. At this time the family has not been found in this census.

Return to England – 1920. Just before Christmas, December 20th, the entire family returned to Liverpool. This time they were accompanied by the Peter Ernest BROADHURST family: Peter, a mill worker, wife Elizabeth, son Ernest and daughter Amy. John Richard’s occupation at this time is “chaffeur.” They took The White Star Line’s “Celtic” from New York, NY.

To America – 1921. The family returns to the United States in 1921 aboard the S.S. Haverford. They set sail from Liverpool on July 27th and arrive in Philadelphia on August 8th. They’re bound for John’s younger brother’s house, Peter BROADHURST at 18 Jefferson Ave, Hillsgrove, New Hampshire. John Richard’s occupation is listed as “waterman.” Edith is noted as 5′-4″ with brown hair and blue eyes and a housewife. The family’s last address in England is recorded as 37 Miriam Street, Manchester, as above, and it’s now noted as the residence of his mother, Sarah Ann BROADHURST.

Lowell City Directory – 1922 John and Edith BROADHURST are listed in the city directory and their address is “48 Fourth.”

The death of a son – 1923. John George died Tuesday, 20 Nov 1923 at home, 77 West Fourth Street, Lowell, MA, at the age of 13 years, 3 months and 17 days. The funeral took place at home on Friday, November 23rd and was conducted by Reverend Grannis from St. Anne’s Episcopal Church. John George is buried “in the family lot in the Lowell cemetery.” (The Lowell Sun 21 Nov 1923 and Lowell Courier-Citizen 24 Nov 1923)

1930 US Census. John Richard was a long time employee of the Utica State Hospital and in the 1930 Census is listed as an “attendant.” The hospital is listed as “Utica State Hospital for Insane.” At this time Edith Mary has not been located in this census.

1940’s. Edith Mary retires after having worked several years in the “former State Street textile mill.” (obit)

John Richard and Edith Mary Deaths. John Richard died in a Utica hospital on 21 September 1962 at the age of 78. John Richard is buried in the Waterville Cemetery. (obituary, Utica Daily Press 22 Sept 1962). About four years later, Edith Mary passed away, also at the age of 78, in the Waterville St. Elizabeth Hospital. She is also buried in the Waterville Cemetery. (obituary, Utica Daily Press, date unknown, 1966)

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